What we do


 Tutoring is the imparting of knowledge and understanding in a particular field of study. That’s what we do here a Delight Academy. We are expert tutors in the accounting, finance and business related studies for under-graduate, post graduate and professional qualification students. If you have any particular area in your studies that you struggle with or need further explanation, Delight Academy are the first tutors to approach. We explain concepts in a simple way and our services are quite affordable.


Training goes beyond tutoring: It is equipping with knowledge for the recipient to attain a certain skill or behaviour. At Delight Academy, each of our trainers has at least ten years of practical commercial experience. So we are aware of the skills and behaviours that are in critical demand in the commercial world. So we are the best training centre to approach in the accounting, finance and business disciplines.


Coaching is to give someone some instructions as to what to do or behave in a particular circumstance. Our services include coaching our clients on how to plan, research and write a passing assignments. We also provide examination coaching including; administering mock examination in simulated examination environment, examination time management, and examination revision.

Our Clients

university or business school students



At Delight Academy we provide tutoring and support services for students at both undergraduate and post graduate levels, including MBA (Master of Business Administration) students. One of our lead tutors is a senior lecturer at a top university in Australia with a wide breadth of teaching experience and well versed with modern teaching technique for finance and business. We are cognisant of the fact that some of our clients are busy professionals who need to get the most out of every hour they commit to study, and that’s what we do; give best value for time and money.

students of professional institutions


Our lead tutors are members of leading local and international professional accounting institutions, and they know how much it takes to successfully qualify to full membership of such institutes. Our aim as Delight Academy is to take you through the paces - via tutoring and mentoring – and make your journey to qualification easier.

non-financial professional & business operators


  Non-finance professionals (e.g. engineers and doctors) and business operators need an understanding of accounting and finance to a certain extent, to function successfully in their operations. Our tutors at Delight Academy explain finance concepts in simple terms and using true life examples or case studies.

How we reach you

visit our office


 Visit our office at 11 Tregaron Link, Ellenbrook WA 6069 

we visit you in your home


  For your convenience, our tutors are able to visit you in the comforts of your home at mutually agreed times. 

online meeting platform


 We also deliver services by remote voice or video meeting via platforms such as Skype, Zoom or Any Meeting. We are leading this method in the tutoring business, and it is proving to be very popular due to its flexibility and saving of time and resources that are otherwise needed to travel.



Our regular clients with questions that need short answers can leave them on our Ask_The_Tutor platform. Our tutors  respond to most questions within 48 hours.

Key team members

Mr. Tobias Njobo


Principal Director

Tobias has more than twenty years of accounting, auditing, finance and teaching experience spanning over the mining, manufacturing and services industries in Australia and overseas. He teaches from a practical viewpoint as he know the skills that are critical in the commercial world.

Dr. seedwell sithole


Lead Tutor

Dr. Seedwell is a senior educator at a top university in Australia. He has taught at many other universities in Australia and overseas for a period of over fifteen years. He is well versed with modern teaching techniques for finance and business in today's world.

Ms claire hornster


Claire is a qualified trainer and assessor, with a deep knowledge of the Australian business environment. She has an extraordinary personality and is able to form and maintain a valuable rapport with students.